The Green Edit

5 ways to be kind to the Earth

To celebrate Earth Day, here’s five easy ways to do your bit to look after the planet.  1) Grow your own Of course, we love growing plants at Beards & Daisies, so why not extend this to growing your own...
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The best botanical skincare brands

Think plants are just for making your home a bit greener? Think again. It goes without saying that we’re obsessed plants here at Beards & Daisies – so, of course, we’re keen to incorporate them into all areas of our life – and that extends to our bathroom shelves, too.
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4 ways to live greener with bottlegreen

Being eco-friendly really can be easy as these simple switches prove. From the products we buy, to the places we shop – we can all find small ways to be a little kinder to the planet.
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