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Pandemic-Friendly Ways To Keep Yourself Amused At Home Over The Christmas Period

If we take anything from 2020, it’s how to keep ourselves amused when confined to the same four walls. Yep, it’s officially been the year of staying at home, and although good news of the Covid vaccines is reassuring us that there is light at the end of the tunnel, we’re not out the woods just yet. Undoubtedly, Christmas is going to be a bit different for everyone this year. And usually, when we have days of annual leave, we stuff them full of plenty of plans and people to catch up with. 
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5 good things that happened this year

The past year will largely be remembered as the time we all pressed pause. As coronavirus swept across the globe, it forced us to change the way we live in so many ways. Nations locked down, countries closed their borders, flights were grounded, offices were shut and the spontaneity of simply popping out the shops or to grab lunch with friends became something we had to organise and plan in advance.
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